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Planning to visit Moscow?

Tired of boring guides?

Venture into the city life with local expert

We’re on a mission to deliver an insight experience from locals

You will be able to explore spectacular places in Moscow, starting from Moscow’s basic sights to the underground areas. Just tell us more about your preferences in advance. Personal assistance, help with translation and a good company guaranteed.

Most of the tours are provided in groups of 2-4 people, but you can order an individual tour or a tour for a bigger company as well.

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian.

When making a reservation with us you get:

  • A friend in Moscow.
  • An exciting pastime, not just boring history lessons.
  • An authentic experience of local life.
  • Flexibility during the tour: changes can be made at any time to suit individual preferences.
  • Amazing deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the very best cafes & restaurants.
  • Good value for souvenirs, taxis, and hotels.
  • Expert local advice on what to do, where to go, and how to make the most of your time in Moscow.

Our story

Every idea starts with an intention. Ours was simple. Me, Nikolai, and Anna, my soul mate, expected a large amount of foreigners coming to Russia and wanted to show the very best of our culture to them. Before FIFA World Cup in Moscow we decided to greet our guests from abroad by delivering a convenient and authentic service. It turned out that people really needed a local buddy: not many people here spoke fluent English, taxi from the airport cost a lot and misleading information sometimes occurred. Imagine, what do you feel when you come to an unexplored country for the first time? Excitement, anxiety, sometimes even fear? So we were eager to replace a worry with anticipation and joy.

Our first clients were bewildered when we came to their accommodation place and found out… that the owner had cancelled the booking! 5 people, tired from the long flight, were left behind. We had to adapt and start looking for another place immediately. At that time we asked our friends to help with the transfer. Finally, we found the cheaper and more comfortable apartment for them and solved the problem. They were happy and the impression wasn’t spoiled. Our service has improved since that time, and we are still doing everything possible to deliver an authentic and comfortable service for our guests!

This is how it all started – with disappointment and despair and continued into confidence and optimism. Now we are in charge of what tourists see here, what they feel and how they are treated.